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Shaun of the Dead was awesome. It was hilarious. A real 'rom zom com', that is romantic zombie comedy. Go see it if you can, it will brighten up your day.

Here's a groaner for Adam... "If a farmers daughter breaks up with her boyfriend, does she send him and John Deere letter?" Thanks to NPR for that one.

I got back and had to call Dave to provide him details from the AF dry runs because his email server has been down. They had to redo the build over the weekend and so, I have to redo all the dry runs again on Monday. This time with the actual 'final' procedures.

I don't have a way to get ahold of Fitz to find out about the game today, so I'll either have to hit the pub or suffer. He should be in hog heaven, an undefeated Pats game against another undefeated team and the Sox in the World Series. A real TIVO moment.

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