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Win # 1

Well the Sox 'won' the first game of the world series. Lets be honest, if it weren't for a couple bad calls by the refs we would have lost this game. I went to Beermans for the game after the inlaws left. The usual crowd was there. Is it bad that you recognize the usual crowd? For the most part they were voting for the Cardinals, which isn't really that bad, as one of my old bosses instilled in me the virtues of the Cardinals. Good ole Mr. Jones.

The inlaws weren't really that bad today. We talked about Sally's class. She had some sort of financial planning type of class today. We talked about finances and such. I didn't really find out what was going on with them financially. I'm still a little surprised that John is retired but Sally isn't. I would think you either have money for retirement or you don't. If one of them had to continue for a couple extra years, the obvious choice would be John as he earned more than twice what Sally does as a school teacher.

Emily will need to go back to work for a couple years at some point before retirement just so she earns enough 'credits' to collect Social Security.

One of the waitresses was all dressed up for her boyfriend tonight. I happened to be sitting next to him. You gotta love the big black boots, short leather skirts and stocking outfits. Damn. Lucky guy. I had to get out of there just after the game before I got too depressed. Only 27 days till I get to go home. From the way the schedule looks it may be 27 days before I get a day off too.

I spent most of the day reading the fourth in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series, The Lunatic Cafe, by Laurell Hamilton. I'm on chapter 29, and will probably finish it tomorrow morning.

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