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My neck has a kink in the left side. It is driving me nuts.

I booked my flight to beale for Jan 19th.

AA Flight 1693 from Providence to Dallas(7:25 am - 10:38 am)
AA Flight 2947 from Dallas to Sacramento(12:14 pm - 1:58 pm)

I'm still attempting to get 'them' to allow my wife and daughter to ship things separate from me. Aiyre would not like to go without a TV for 3 months.

We signed up with ADT, so burglers beware.

Phil isn't back yet, I wonder if he went on a honeymoon. He said his mother threatened to kill him, maybe he can get a restraining order against her. She would be forced to move out then.

We hit another snag in the six sigma project. *sigh*

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