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Long day

I've been told I can have the rest of the weekend off once I redo the dry runs of 9, 2 hour labs. Its looking like a long day. Hopefully everything works so I don't have to redo any of the failed labs. I've got to write 8 STRs when I get time as well.

The elevator has been out of service for the last several days. My legs are getting pretty tired of this built-in stair master feature. Some of the sudbury people are coming out on Monday for the training. I guess I can at least laugh at their strain on the stairs. Get myself a little Schadenfreude, which I know is wrong, but... what ya gonna do?

My Sims2 family started their first fire last night. 'Emily' was attempting to pick up a grocery delivery to the house just after putting a toaster pastry in the oven. The game wouldn't allow her to get the groceries over and over. As a result the pastry caught fire. Doh. If the autonomous actions of the sims would allow them to make breakfast for everyone instead of just for themselves, this kind of thing would not have happened. That is one bug that really pisses me off. That and my stupid dart board, which I emailed them about and they are in the process of fixing. Overall it is still a lot of fun.

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