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Work was kinda crazy. I left after only 8 hours today so I could get a break.

We had a wind and rain storm hit the area. When I got home I found a lot of debris near the apartment. I then noticed the tree which had blocked my window was missing. It had fallen in the rain and wind and hit the building at the apartment next door. The building is fine, but the gutters are dented where the tree hit.

I hit store for some fruit and nuts and such and then decided on chinese for dinner. I had worked through lunch so I was quite hungry. I went to Shanghai Fats down at the casino. When I got there the place was closed still. It wasn't quite 5. I lost 5 bucks to the nickel slots while I waited and then won 35 bucks at blackjack. That covered dinner and the movies I rented on the way home. I've got Kill Bill, vol2 and Godzilla, the one with Matthew Broderick.

I noticed during dinner, while I was reading my mail, which I had stuck in my jacket pocket, that my paycheck was short. I couldn't figure out what was missing till I compared it to the previous one. I was missing a weeks worth of overtime. It must be that TEQON didn't fill out/sign my timecard early enough for my when I was on my homevisit. I've have to call tomorrow and find out what the deal is.

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