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Mon, Oct. 18th, 2004, 09:45 am
Winter Storm

The radio predicted the first winter storm for the area. Down here in the valley, we are only supposed to get heavy rain and 60 mph winds. Up to a foot of snow in the sierra.

The car thermometer claimed it was 58 driving in today. The moisture in the air and wind made it feel a bit colder. I mostly closed the windows in the apartment before I left.

I stopped and bought more cough medicine on the way in today, but I forgot it in the car. I was also supposed to get a pack of gum, which I also forgot. I was also supposed to bring in Ghostbusters to loan to Eugene, but I forgot.

I managed to forget about the Lean Cuisine I had in the microwave this morning and it got burnt. It would have been fine but the timer on the thing it broken. Piece of crap microwave. I think Emily's parents bought it for me so its okay. I don't feel cheated.

While I'm remembering things I forgot... when I sent in my latest expense report, I forgot to include the receipt from amex travel for the airline tickets. I emailed it to Barbara so she can attach it when the paperwork comes through her desk.