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Sun day, not

I got up about 6:30 this morning, showered and started play The Sims 2. At about 7:15 I looked around and noticed it was still quite dark. A quick look outside revealed that it was raining! It apparently rained last weekend, while I was in Boston, too. Headed off to work, shortly there after, in the rain.

The sunday lunchtime barbeque was held today. Brats... *drool* It was quite cold, 58 or so, according to the thermometer. It was a nice break, but I ate way to much. The rain had stopped and a cold wind had come up.

I hit a couple patches of fairly heavy rain on the way home. The wind continued and perhaps got worse. Now I remember what January was like earlier this year. Who knows, I may have to close the windows tonight.

I was supposed to take off tomorrow, but Dave assigned me a bunch of crap and wanted me to get at it first thing tomorrow. Maybe I can head in late or leave early, or both! This Air Force training on the 27th has him really worried. With luck, the guys in Sudbury I need to talk to will be around tomorrow.

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