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Turns out the audio drivers I downloaded didn't quite work and ended up making it so I had no sound at all. When I attempted to switch back the computer wanted the CD that came with the sound card, which is in Massachusetts. I ended up doing a system restore to get back to the configuration I had at 10:30 in the morning and starting over. This included downloading the drivers again, etc.

Once I had everything downloaded and ready to go I checkpointed the system and started. The reboots, required after switching my Direct X install to retail as well as the reboots required after installing the new video drivers, failed. I ended up powering off in the middle of updates and all sort of other dangerous operations. *sigh* After a couple hours everything was installed and seemed to be working. Turns out there was a start meno item in the developers kit to switch between retail and debug. Worked like a charm except the failed reboots and the fact that it left some of the drivers as debug(probably due to the failed reboot).

Installed The Sims 2 and started to play. I created two random people and moved them in as brother and sister. I did like the fact that they started off somewhat friendly with each other. I also liked the state of the house we moved into, more realalistic. That is the house came with cabinets/countertop in the kitchen and a toilet/shower/etc in the bathroom as well as doors for the various rooms and such. Actually, it came with a stove too, which sometimes houses do not come with. I've never met anyone who sold a house, in real life, and took the toilet with them.

The brother in the house is a romance sim and so is always looking to score/flirt/make friends/etc. He took a job in the business track working the mailroom, but has already been promoted to executive assistant. The sister is a fortune sim and so is looking to make money, get promoted, buy nice stuff, etc. She wanted to work in the athletics field and I got her that job. She managed to get fired on her first day and has been very grumpy ever since then. She's been dragging around the house in her mascot outfit, bunny ears and all. She looks like a giant depressed bunny.

Time seems to be going a bit too fast though... the sims will age into old age in 29 days(game time). It must be like one day per year or something. Only 29 days of adulthood. I suspect I'll end up using the game mode which allows you to play without aging the sims.

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