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Gone back to Cali

I'm back in California. It turns out the guys at work all got the same bug I got and have been sick since I left. Same symptoms and everything. Eugene eluded to the fact that Chelsea gave it to everyone.

I was terribly sad last night after saying goodnight to Aiyre for the last time for 20 days. The last time to see her, hug her, kiss her. Emily I got to say goodbye to this morning so my sadness wasn't as visible. The airport shuttle came 45 minutes earlier than I requested. It turns out they got the wrong time from amex travel.

Flight was okay except for the sickness. I had to sit next to a 5 year old whose mother wouldn't let her turn on the air vent because it had germs, but let me cough and wease on her. Crazy people.

I picked up a magazine with a demo for Evil Genius which seemed kinda cool but when I play it is really just another version of Dungeon Keeper. Maybe the full version allows you to do things outside of your lair, but I spent the whole demo fighting off do-gooders who kept attacking. What happened to the 'secret' part of secret hideout? I guess the good guys subscribe to the newpapers which I had to advertise for henchmen, guards, and construction workers.

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